At-Home Preparation


As we begin to embark on what my grandmother has colloquially named, “my turtle trippin’,” there are certain preparations to be set up.  There is actual items that will be purchased, including things from REI to enable me to go camping with the lab, as well as things to set up in preparation.

Purchases will include a sleeping pad and actual sleeping bag (apparently those used to sleep over at a friend’s house in 2nd grade is no longer adequate), a ball cap that I can beat to hell this summer, and Chacos.  The sleeping gear has yet to be purchased but as any of you with Chacos knows, they take a while to break in.  After a few long days of hiking through trails and mud and lakes with Mav the Wonderpup, the Chacos are properly broken in and ready for long days of lake fieldwork.

Things to be set up or otherwise prepared include accounts as required for the UDiscover fellowship, this blog, and my training schedule for soccer.  Because I will be gone for an unknown amount of days at a time, I’ve been working to make sure that the deload week for weight training is the first week of actual field work.  If nothing else, I will have the first week covered.  Conditioning and ballwork will require equal forethought: my intention was to run in the mornings before people begin to get up and around, just to maintain base-level fitness.  However it will be important to see when the day usually begins – I am not the fondest of running alone, in an unfamiliar place, in the dark.  The jury is out as to whether I will bring a ball with me, and I know my time to actually do ballwork will be incredibly minimal.  The priority during this time is the research, not the soccer.

I move back up to Vermillion to begin orientation with Dr. Kerby in the next few days, so once I get back up there and am in the lab more frequently, I will post more with more depth.  Have an excellent day!  Go Yotes.

– Maddie


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